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I Trust First. You?

“I have been burned by people where I have trusted their pretty words, and not their actions…I’m a bit clueless about dealing with those things. Do you have a quick and easy way of [helping me with this]?”

This question from the audience at a recent event in Australia (see the video below) led me to this response:

I’ve been burned more than once over the years by trusting someone for all the right reasons and getting either stabbed in the back or abandoned in a business deal.

The temptation then is to say that maybe I should adjust my expectations and assume that people are not trustworthy. It might be safer; I’ll have my defenses in place. I won’t get hurt as much.

For me, that is exactly the wrong decision.

I’ve chosen to extend my trust first and give people the opportunity to deliver on that. And if they prove me wrong, I just learn from that particular relationship, and I move on.

But I refuse to let it change my point of view that human beings are fundamentally well-meaning, loving, and good at heart.

How about you?

Do you trust first, or doubt first?

Either way, what words of caution, encouragement, or advice do you have for the more trusting among us?








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This Could Be a Transformational 4 Days for You

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I know that sounds like hyperbole; I know a lot of people use the word “transformational” to describe their programs and events–so, I don’t use it lightly.

But now that we’ve had several Extreme Leadership Certifications under our belt, I offer you this proposition in confidence:

This could be a transformational 4 days for you.

It really could.

And I know this because it has been for many others who’ve come before.

So, how do you determine if this Certification experience is right for you?

  1. Come over to the Certification page. Read the details, see the full agenda, watch a couple of short videos, and hear from our past participants and Certified Facilitators.
  2. Talk to me about it personally. Yeah, this step is a bit unusual. But Certification is my baby, and those who participate become part of my “inner circle” as it were.

So, if you’re seriously considering joining us but you’re not entirely sure, let’s hop on the phone for a few minutes and talk it through together–just you and me. I can help you determine if Certification is right for you. If I think it is, I’ll tell you; If I think it’s not, I’ll tell you that, too.

Sound good?

Okay then, here are the links you’ll need:

1. CLICK HERE to visit the Certification Page

2. CLICK HERE to schedule a personal phone appointment with me.

Please do me a favor, though:

Only book a phone appointment if you’re really seriously considering coming to Certification. I’d love to chat with you about other things, but we’ll have to save that for another time :)

And, of course, a phone call is not required for you to register. If you’re planning on coming, you can sign up from the website now–you’ll save some money if you do! And we’ll have plenty of time to talk once you get here!

Can You Bring Your Personal Talents and Passions to Work?

At a recent conference in Australia, I had the opportunity to raise the personal nature of my business another significant rung.

For the last 25 years, my friends have been telling me to find some way to bring my passion for guitar, singing, and songwriting into my leadership work. But I’ve resisted. I didn’t want it to be a frivolous or gratuitous thing.

But, my friend, David T.S. Wood, the man behind the Amplified Leadership Conference, insisted that I not only speak at his event, but that I play music, too.

So, I did. And it was a remarkable experience that created an unprecedented connection between me and the audience of 1200 people. And I’ve had some phenomenal audience connections over the years.

This video was captured by an audience member, and she was kind enough to send it along to me. I’m playing a song called Sailor And The Ocean, which I wrote many years ago on the same guitar you see here.

YouTube Preview Image

So here’s my question for you:

Do you have a passion or talent that you’ve relegated to your “personal life”, that you can bring into your so-called “business life,” too?

Do you have any examples of how you’ve done that already?


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