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Vision from the heart is an expression of love; it’s not just more engaging and energizing–it’s energy itself. Most leaders in business underestimate the power of their own hearts.

You have no idea how much energy you can unleash in yourself and those around you if you just cut through the banal, bureaucratic, buzzword-laden language and simply tell people why you love your business and communicate your authentic, heart-felt aspirations for yourself, your team, your customers, and your organization.

Answer this critical leadership question out loud for all to hear:

“Why do I love this work, and how can I do better to show it through my actions?”

A Stunning, New Leadership Lens

As a 21st century Extreme Leader and life-long learner, you are constantly looking for ways to improve yourself, not just for your own advancement, but also for the greater good.

You know that you alone can’t make a difference of consequence; you can’t change the World (or world) by yourself–the performance of your team, your organization, and your community is essential to actualizing your own personal mission and achieving the specific outcomes you envision.

What Makes Your Work, Work

You are judged and influenced by the company you keep, and who you know defines what you know.

Your journey to grow yourself and change the world is made so much more meaningful when you remember to amplify what it is that you truly Love, focus on what gives you Energy, hold steadfast those things about your mission that makes it Audacious, and then deliver, both to yourself and others, the Proof you need to validate your success.

You have an important mission. Are you ready to take the next LEAP?

What Holds Us Back

We know that leadership is a decision not a position, and we have to work really hard to get better at it. And even though we know that investing in our own self-study and growth is critically important, we don’t always follow through, we don’t always hold ourselves accountable to our own words. But the truth is…

Self-accountability means doing what you will say you will do (DWYSYWD) even after the mood in which you said it has passed.

And then, even if we do follow through,  we often tend to ignore opportunities that are hidden in plain sight (our blind spots), or find ourselves reverting back to what we have always tried (old habits), and then generally get the same sub-optimal results we have always gotten.

The Big Idea

My colleagues Alan Daly, Neville Billimoria and I (along with the help of some of our brilliant friends) have gotten together to to create a revolutionary, new approach to personal, organizational, and cultural change. With the help of new, cutting-edge research, we are now able to help you unearth the latent passion, potential and possibilities hidden in plain sight all around you.

We’ve been exploring the convergence of three essential qualities:

  1. Human Capital–individuals’ attributes, talents, capacities, and contribution
  2. Social Capital–the strength, connection, and relationships between those individuals
  3. People System–the culture and environment in which the individuals and relationships exist.

When you look at your work through a different, expanded lens, a stunning, new picture emerges that looks something like this:

Formal Informal SystemsThis is what your organization actually looks like.

You know the old sayings: “You can’t manage what you can’t measure”;  “What you measure gets done”; and “What you reward stays done.”

Let’s add a new saying to the old:

“You can’t change what you can’t see.”

Now, for the first time you actually CAN see the intangibles critical to human performance and fulfillment. For example, we can now measure Love, Energy, Audacity, Proof (LEAP), trust, collaboration, innovation and any other so-called “soft” dynamics within your team or organization.

The “abstract” is now concrete: the “soft,” hard as nails.

What to Do About It

We want to share this groundbreaking work with you, so please join us online for a first-of-its-kind webinar, where we’ll walk you through this truly radical, world-changing methodology.

To be perfectly clear, this hour is on us!

Joining me will be

·         Dr. Alan Daly – Author of Social Network Theory and Educational Change, UCSD professor and social scientist specializing in social capital and social network analysis.
·         Neville Billimoria – Senior VP of Membership and Chief Advocacy Officer at Mission Federal, a $2.4 Billion Credit Union, committed to developing purpose driven leaders and high performing climate/culture organizations.

And, of course, YOU!

Even if you can’t join us live, be sure to register anyway, and we’ll send you the recording to view at your convenience.


Scared? Then, Do It!


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