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Youth Success Week

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The Community Alliance for Youth Success (CAYS), co-founded by Stedman Graham and Bobbi DePorter, is a collaboration of volunteers who take a stand for the education and well-being of our youth.
I’m proud to be on the Organizing Committee of this committed, passionate team.

We recognize that our kids’ futures matter to all of us, whether we’re parents or not. They matter to our communities, to our cultures, and to our collective success as a society.

You’d think that would be obvious to everyone, but it’s not. Or if it is, we certainly don’t (collectively) act like it.

Our youth are smart, creative, and interested, and they offer a priceless, distinct contribution to all of us–if only we’d be aware enough, and care enough, to pay attention and listen to them.logo-cays-300x300

Our intention is to hear them, to hear what success means to them, to hear what obstacles they face in their environments, in their education, in their circumstances, in themselves–and then facilitate their ability to communicate and take action to remove those obstacles.

“CAYS provides the platform for our leaders of tomorrow, no matter their heritage or experiences, to cultivate their sense of self, their understanding of their character, the attributes of leadership and their sense of belonging.  We do this through summits, workshops, events and curriculum – and ultimately, collaboration.”  –From the Youth Success Week website

In collaboration with the local school district, CAYS is bringing Youth Success Week to Oceanside, California, January 10 – 17, 2016.

We hope this week will be the first of many around the US and the world, but we’re starting in our own back yard.

Check out this video, (with comments from Stedman Graham, Bobbi DePorter, Duane Coleman, and me) and let me know how you’d like to help.

Our youth are counting on us:


My First 500 Push-Ups to Fight Breast Cancer



Barbells For Boobs is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the early detection of breast cancer, with an emphasis on women under the age of 40 and men.

Inspired by athletes everywhere, local communities come together and raise funds to help B4B detect potentially life threatening breast cancer occurrences.


Here’s what I’m doing:

On November 7, I’ll be participating in Crossfit Sun’s Barbells For Boobs event, where I’ll be joining others in the workout called, “Grace.

That’s 30 clean and jerks with 135 pounds for time. ie: Pick the barbell up off the floor (clean) and push it up overhead (jerk). That’s a lot of weight, a lot of times, as fast as possible.

Why? Because we’re raising money to provide breast cancer screenings for those who otherwise wouldn’t have access to them.

And I’m asking for your help, if you’d be willing.


If you’d like to help, you can kick in a few bucks (or more than a few–far be it from me to limit you in any way) and…

For every dollar you donate on my fundraising page, I’ll do one push up–and video every one of ’em.

Every 80 push-ups ($80) equals one breast cancer screening for someone in need.

Needless to say, this is a great, important, and worthy cause.

So, please donate and make me work for it!



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Win a Celebrity Experience Trip to New York

Jeffery Hayzlett is a great guy with a personality and mindset to match the title of his new book, Think Big Act Bigger: The Rewards of Being Relentless.

To wit, he’s giving away a free VIP trip to NY and other prizes to celebrate the publication.

What does “VIP” mean? For starters, how about two first class plane tickets, luxury hotel, a Broadway show, helicopter, and limo?

See what I mean? Think big; act bigger.

Published by Entrepreneur on September 15th, Think Big is all about taking action and owning who you are to reach the highest levels of success.

Hayzlett has aligned a powerful collection of book tour sponsors to give away that grand prize VIP trip to New York City and many other product giveaways throughout the launch of the book.

So, click here to sign up for a chance to win the VIP trip to NY and many other prizes.

It could be your reward for being relentless.

By the way, if you share this contest with your friends, you’ll receive a 40% off DISCOUNT CODE for your own copy of Think Big, Act Bigger. Just enter the contest and/or share on your networks from this page.



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