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Are You Certifiable? Announcing The Next Extreme Leadership Certification Weekend

Right now, there are only a handful of certified, licensed, Extreme Leadership Workshop facilitators on the planet, and you’ll soon have an opportunity to be one of them.

In this powerful and transformational workshop, you’ll explore the key tenets of the Extreme Leadership Framework—Cultivating Love, Generating Energy, Inspiring Audacity, and Providing Proof—and learn how to apply them to your personal and professional leadership challenges. And then, with personal coaching from me and my team, you’ll be given all the tools, resources, and experience you’ll need to facilitate this workshop for others.

The program will be held in San Diego from January 11 – 13, 2013.  It’ll be a great combination of work and fun.  (Like a “graduation” BBQ at my place.  It’s already a bit of a tradition–here’s a pic from our inaugural event last March):

At the end of the weekend, you’ll be licensed to offer this unique workshop to your clients, your company, your team, your colleagues, or your community; just as important, you’ll become part of our exclusive facilitator “tribe.”

The Certification Weekend is limited to only 25 people!

For complete info on details and pricing please reply to me directly, or call our office at 858-513-4184.

By the way, the Extreme Leadership Summit is next week! There’s still time to register and join me, Sally Hogshead, Jay Jay French, Liz Strauss, Tommy Spaulding and more for a truly remarkable event.

And one more thing: Want to become a certified facilitator AND come to The Summit? Email me and I’ll tell you how you can participate in The Summit at a deep, deep discount.

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