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A Unique Gift Certificate for You and Yours

What if you could give someone a really special gift that would cost you no money at all? And what if that no-cost gift could significantly change another’s life?

Well, you could and it will.

You can give YOURSELF as a “gift” to someone you love by taking that person on as your Greater Than Yourself (GTY) Project.

Think of the Greater Than Yourself approach as Extreme Mentoring, if you will. (Click here for a short video overview of GTY).

I’d highly encourage you to extend yourself in this deeply meaningful way–especially in this holiday season as we look over the horizon into 2013.

And to help you make this relationship official (whether or not you already have a GTY Project), we’ve created this Gift Certificate for you to use. Just click here to download a PDF copy to print, sign, and present. Maybe even under a tree…


With this gift I promise to pass along my Knowledge, Give My Time, Deliver to you my Connections, Life Lessons, Insights and Counsel

I Promise:

I will Commit to a percentage of my weekly time to meet with you and counsel you.

I will make a difference in your life by promoting your Welfare, Fortune, Success and Capacity for Achievement.

I will invest in our relationship, share my “personal inventory” and ask you to do the same. I will discover your hopes and dreams, and demand of myself to commit to the achievement of your hopes and dreams at least as much as my own.

This certificate delivers Knowledge, Connections, Experience, Insights, Advice and Counsel, Life Lessons, Confidence, Words and Gestures of Encouragement, as well as a healthy dose of Tough and Honest Feedback.

With this Certificate, I dedicate Myself to You and Your Success.

So, go ahead. Download the certificate, print it out, sign it, and give it to that special person in your life. Just a heads-up, though…don’t be surprised if you ending up being the one receiving the greatest gifts of all.

Wishing you and yours the most joyful of holidays and a phenomenal 2013!

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