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We’re Never Alone

I have to admit that I have some cool friends. Some have done things that I’d never remotely consider doing myself.

FORKStheBook_worldrider_allan_karl_llama_carTake my buddy, Allan Karl, for example.

Leaving behind his own successful marketing company, Allan headed off on a trip around the world. By himself. On a motorcycle.

For 3 years, he drove his 2005 BMW F650GS Dakar single cylinder dual-sport motorcycle 63,000 miles over 5 continents and 35 countries. Equipped with a laptop, a camera, a love for culture and a hunger for human connection, Allan lit out on a journey fueled by a deep, unwavering belief in the goodness and hospitality of our fellow human beings.

“I imagined a world of friendly people as eager as I am to learn, share, and connect,” says Allan. “My quest was to explore: to discover the beauty of our world and its humanity. To uncover truths about them both and to find and learn more about myself.”

I’ve been lapping up Allan’s stories since we first met around 3 years ago. And I’ve had the pleasure of watching his new, one-of-a-kind of book take shape.FORKStheBookSyriaSpread

I love this book; it’s a work of art.  Part adventure story, part photo essay, part recipe book, and all gorgeous, Forks: A Quest for Culture, Cuisine, and Connection lives in a category by itself.  That’s why agents and publishers had no idea what to do with it–and that’s where Kickstarter comes in.

For more of the story, watch this inspiring video, and, if you feel so moved, you can help Allan get this book launched through his Kickstarter campaign. (You can even have him come to your home to cook, eat, drink, and talk.  All of which–I can tell you from personal experience–he does exceptionally well).

Check out the Forks Kickstarter campaign here.

Ultimately, Forks is a beautiful, encouraging testament to the openness of the human spirit. Personally, I’m grateful that Allan risked life and limb to prove that we are, indeed, at our essence, good:

“Of the many lessons I learned over the three years of my travels, perhaps the most important is that, even though I set off on this journey alone, I was never alone. Whenever I found myself lost, lonely, or hungry, I would just turn around and find somebody was always there. I’m amazed at our capacity to connect with people—with humanity. That’s where truth shines.” –Allan Karl

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  1. It’s impressive to see that the campaign raised double its target – looks like a killer adventure!

  2. Leia Vermillion says:

    Steve. you are as awesome as I had always felt you were. Integrity nd promise and hope from a very intune human. Keep up your purpose,sir. Lots of appreciation. Leia from FF(now in CO) I really wnt to see that post from your friend on his new trip. I am about to dot the very same in a few weeks. Up to Oregon. Are you still in CA or you travel,with your seminars? Peace and Shalom my friend from the distant past… ;)) Blessings to you and yours

  3. allankarl says:

    What a great write up and I’m grateful for your support and help over the years I’ve been working on FORKS! 🙂