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Agile 360’s Radical Leap

Agile Leap Still Shot

Agile360 (a division of Entisys Solutions) has woven the principles of Extreme Leadership–Love, Energy, Audacity, and Proof–into their physical space and company culture in a deeply significant way.

VP, Jody Elkins, told me this:

“When I read the book, The Radical LEAP, for the first time, it was deeply impactful, because [Love, Energy, Audacity, and Proof] was 100% validation for everything I had done in hiding in my professional career. So literally overnight, the concept of LEAP changed me fundamentally–both personally and professionally.

Where the day before reading the book, I’d felt uneasy and sometimes ashamed of my ‘touchy-feely’ approach to business, to literally the next day feeling and knowing that I knew something most people didn’t–and I’d known it for a long time. But now I had a way to articulate it that made sense. Once I knew that, then it was time to apply it.

And that’s where things got very, very interesting.”

Interesting, indeed!

Here’s the story of Agile360 and their Extreme Leadership culture. As you’ll see in this video, it’s not really about decorating the office with cool windows, it’s about applying what’s important to every aspect of the business from bottom line revenue and employee retention to the exceptional client experience.

How does your work culture measure up to this? Watch the 4-minute video and let us know:

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  1. Sweetquilter says:

    When I live, work, and lead with LEAP, I am powerfully leading to the next level. But when I do not, I am no better than a limp fish. What a great “kick in the pants” to LEAP in my new job!