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Growing From Your Mistakes

adversaries into alliesLegendary speaker and business author, Bob Burg, has just released his new book, Adversaries Into Allies.

In it, he offers lots of great, bite-sized insights into how to become an Ultimate Influencer–which is, in many ways, deeply akin to being an Extreme Leader.

For example, here’s what Bob says on the subject of Growing From Your Mistakes:

Even top influencers make mistakes. They don’t like to. I don’t know many people who do. Mistakes can be downright uncomfortable.

However, when you can admit you made the mistake, take full responsibility for it, and then correct it to the best of your ability, you have taken a giant step in your personal growth as well as in your ability to influence others.

It starts with admitting it. Many people cannot or will not do that.

Ultimate Influencers do that!

Being able to admit you are wrong is not only one of the first signs of maturity but perhaps the foundation of any type of growth and effectiveness.

It is also the sign of one with high character.

Yes, mistakes are a key to growth, if you are first able to admit them, and accept responsibility for them.

Good stuff, right?

Here’s more about the book, and the timeless wisdom it contains, from the man himself:




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  1. Bob Burg says:

    Steve, what a fantastic and amazing honor to see my book as the topic of your blog post. While I greatly appreciate your very kind words, just the fact that such an exceptional leader as you found the book to be of sufficient value to share with your readers is – in and of itself – something for which I have extreme gratitude! Again, huge thanks!