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Got Your Attention?

got.attention.inddTo put it simply, Sam Horn is the most brilliant idea-extractor I’ve ever met.

Every conversation I’ve ever had with her goes like this:

  1. She asks me a laser-focused question about what I’m working on.
  2. I stammer out an attempt at an answer while…
  3. She pulls out her notebook and starts jotting

All followed by more questions (from her), more stammering (from me), more jotting (by her) for several rounds.

And at the end, out pops some incredibly insightful, practical, and fantastic ideas from her and crystal clarity for me.

She’s a freakin’ savant, is what she is.

So, when Sam publishes a book, I’m going to pay extra special attention.

And I suggest you do the same.

Got Your Attention? is Sam’s latest, and with a subtitle like, “How to Create Intrigue and Connect with Anyone,” we all should snap this up ASAP.

For a little taste of Sam Horn’s wisdom, check out this post on her blog called, Don’t Tell and Sell. Show and Ask.

And if you ever get to meet Sam, watch out for that notebook.

It could change your life.


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