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This Could Be a Transformational 4 Days for You

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I know that sounds like hyperbole; I know a lot of people use the word “transformational” to describe their programs and events–so, I don’t use it lightly.

But now that we’ve had several Extreme Leadership Certifications under our belt, I offer you this proposition in confidence:

This could be a transformational 4 days for you.

It really could.

And I know this because it has been for many others who’ve come before.

So, how do you determine if this Certification experience is right for you?

  1. Come over to the Certification page. Read the details, see the full agenda, watch a couple of short videos, and hear from our past participants and Certified Facilitators.
  2. Talk to me about it personally. Yeah, this step is a bit unusual. But Certification is my baby, and those who participate become part of my “inner circle” as it were.

So, if you’re seriously considering joining us but you’re not entirely sure, let’s hop on the phone for a few minutes and talk it through together–just you and me. I can help you determine if Certification is right for you. If I think it is, I’ll tell you; If I think it’s not, I’ll tell you that, too.

Sound good?

Okay then, here are the links you’ll need:

1. CLICK HERE to visit the Certification Page

2. CLICK HERE to schedule a personal phone appointment with me.

Please do me a favor, though:

Only book a phone appointment if you’re really seriously considering coming to Certification. I’d love to chat with you about other things, but we’ll have to save that for another time 🙂

And, of course, a phone call is not required for you to register. If you’re planning on coming, you can sign up from the website now–you’ll save some money if you do! And we’ll have plenty of time to talk once you get here!

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