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An Appropriate Event to Generate Energy

Next week I’ll be speaking in New Orleans at the American Wind Energy Association‘s annual meeting.

And since “Generate Energy” is an Extreme Leadership practice, I think I’ll be in good company.

The Wind Energy world is fascinating and particularly timely. Here’s how the association puts it:

US is the world's number one wind energy producer.

US is the world’s number one wind energy producer.

“Today’s generation is more attuned to the economic and environmental benefits of renewable energy than ever before. Today, this high demand helps make the United States the #1 country in generating wind energy and delivering it to customers. Tomorrow, we keep pushing forward. Wind energy has a clear path to generate 20% U.S. wind energy by 2030 and will be a major solution as states implement the EPA Clean Power Plan.”

In other words, you and I are members of Generation Wind.

If you have an interest in renewable energy, this is going to be an exciting event.

You can find all the details here.

See you in New Orleans?

(You can follow the event discussion on Twitter with #GenerationWind )



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  1. I absolutely loved your conference in AWEA Wind Power, is there any way to see it again?

  2. Bill Leighty says:

    Your talk Windpower: Please harvest John Madden’s “toughness” story while he’s still alive. He said to an HP mgmt training seminar in about 1985: “My most difficult task as head coach of the Oakland Raiders was recruiting
    After many frustrating years, trying to pick potential outstanding pro players from outstanding college players, I’ve got it. I look for “toughness”, by which I mean the ability to see what you don’t want to see, hear what you don’t want to do, and hear what you don’t want to hear — with enthusiasm.” Need to get him on video interviewed by you or someone similar
    Use that as a love story: enthusiasm.

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