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The Radical Leap Re-Energized is inspiring educators throughout North America.

FREE FOR EDUCATORS! The author, Steve Farber, is launching an unprecedented campaign to give this remarkable book to every educator in the US. If you work in the field of K-12 public or private education (teachers, principals, superintendents, assistants, admin, support–everyone!) we invite you to download a digital copy of this remarkable book.

“The power of the principles within LEAP to change lives, organizations and communities is irrefutable. These principles are timeless and will work in any situation where hearts and minds are willing and unselfish. They will continue to transform me, my building and my community.” –David Pinter, Principal, Ft Caroline Elementary School, Jacksonville, Florida

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If you work in the field of K-12 public or private education (teachers, principals, superintendents, assistants, admin, support–everyone!) please download a copy of this remarkable book. –and spread the word to your colleagues, too.

“It is important that you know, Mr. Farber, that you have had a significant impact on my taking many of your ideas back to a school district of over 22,000 students. I will use much of my new learning to ask the important questions, as no other occupation can change the world more than education. Keep up your work in leaping leaders forward!” –Jim Wipke, Ed.D. Executive Director of Secondary Education, Rockwood School District, Missouri

The Radical Leap Re-Energized–an expansion and revitalization of The Radical Leap, which was named as one of the 100 Best Business Books of All Time by Covert and Sattersten–has been spreading like wildfire through the world of public and private education.

“Finally, a credible leader and author that brings renewed hope to all those ‘extreme leaders’ in education that have been labeled as crazy because of their commitment to kids first–their hopes, their dreams, their humanity–before anything else. How can we promote the love of learning if the love for learning is devalued or worse, forgotten! The Radical LEAP reminds education of our solid foundation!” –Glen Warren, Vice President, California School Library Association; Director, Remote ISTE; Founder, Educational Collaboratives

This book is our gift to you. Really. We mean it. There are no strings attached. If you work in the field of K-12 education in the US (or anywhere else, for that matter). DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE COPY NOW. Read it, share it, put it to good use in your life and the lives of your students, parents, and colleagues.

“Two years ago I picked up your Radical Leap book and have been hooked ever since. I continually push my students and everyone around me to continue to follow the LEAP concept. I always wish that I could do more to get your words of wisdom out there and to push my students and myself to be the best.” — E. Honig, Business Education Teacher, New Jersey

Read more from educators who are taking a Radical Leap in their schools, districts, and communities:

“I had recently finished reading The Radical Leap for my own learning. In late 2007, the opportunity to apply to lead the initiative to research and develop an online learning initiative for our district presented itself. I applied and was called for an interview. In my preparation for the interview, I realized that more than just a technical emphasis on the nature and details of online learning was needed; they were looking for leadership capacity and vision. I decided while working through the technical pieces during the interview process that I would use LEAP for the framework of my responses. I was selected for the position and now LEAP permeates much of what we do and how we function. So much so, that when the district’s Director for Professional Development asked me for a book recommendation I was happy to recommend The Radical Leap. We are now reading that as a group of administrators who mentor new administrators. It resonates with us as a group and has sparked conversations outside that group to many of the 120-ish administrators across the district.” –R. Tanski, Principal, Colorado Springs, CO


“After hearing you speak and reading your book, The Radical LEAP, I talked about how powerful your message was for me and how this was something we needed to pursue with our administrators and our staff. With the fiscal uncertainties and the cuts to program and staffing, we sometimes forget to focus on why we are truly here each and every day. It is so important to establish a culture where people are energized and passionate about what they are doing. I look forward to continuing to learn and share your ideas with my colleagues, my students, and my community. Contacting someone after [reading their book] isn’t something I typically do, but I’ve been inspired to take more risks and to communicate when something has touched me…and you have.” H. Phillips, Principal


“You put into words what I have felt most of my life. My heart couldn’t contain the excitement I had as I read them. Every morning as I drive to school, I think of how much I love my job and all the things I can do to better other’s lives. In my culture (Indian) we don’t show emotion easily and rarely verbalize it. Don’t get me wrong, we experience them all but just don’t share them. And so when I read your book I was beyond moved. Parts of it literally brought me to tears. Thank you for literally changing my life!” –N. Patel, Assistant Principal, St. Louis, Missouri


“As a chosen vocation, I have been a teacher for the past 32 years, along with that, a husband and father. I do feel that I apply LEAP traits on a personal level, and have realized that, but in my professional life I have failed…up to now. My greatest realization recently is the confirmation and fact that I am mentoring individuals on a personal level, caring less about course content, more importantly the individual, grooming LEAP traits. I meet with students, individually on a daily basis, treating all with respect and limitless possibilities. Thank you for sharing your insight though the book.” S. Duffy, Teacher


“37 years in education and the words [in this book] are those in my heart and the principles by which I raised my own children as well as the thousands I served while a teacher, site and district administrator…..thank you.” –Anon


“Our district has been through some difficult times and we need to commit to renewed relationships, a genuine regard for each other, and reinstate a bit of love among all! [We are] ready and I would like to start with our Leadership Team and Union representatives on this quest. You re-ignited my ‘passion.’ Many thanks for giving passage towards LEAP!” –Assistant Superintendent/Educational Services


“I’m an assistant principal in a southeastern Virginia middle school…I can’t help but think that truly investing in the success of our teachers will help them view their students as bundles of positive potential and not just conduits of testing data; if our children are encouraged to be greater, then morale, self-image, behavior, and test scores should improve! The thing I miss most about my time as a classroom teacher is the personal, positive impact I could make with my kids. After reading your book, I’m seeing now that I can still have a far-reaching impact on lives — I’ll just do it through the people that I invest in one at a time” –B. Brennan


“This book has truly changed my life. I am working towards my certification in Middle School Language Arts (I have 1 more semester before I student teach). I had an incredible opportunity to work at the middle school I went to as a kid this summer as a Summer School Teacher’s Assistant where I got to work closely with one of the Assistant Principals. She and I instantly formed a connection and I could tell that she was different from anyone I have ever met. At the end of summer school, she gave me the most beautiful gift anyone has ever given me – The Radical Leap. She told me that someone believed in her and gave her the same gift, and she felt I was ready for the message this book has to offer. I read it within six hours of receiving it, and am a different person because of it. In fact, yesterday afternoon, I met with the remarkable woman who gave me the book and the man who gave her the book and we talked about what it truly means to be an educator. It’s seeing people for who they are, not how they appear to be. It’s about creating an environment where children and adults feel safe, secure, and meaningful. And it all starts with taking a leap…. I can’t wait to read books two and three and see how this journey continues. In fact, I am getting ready to send a copy of The Radical Leap to a friend and future teacher who I believe will embrace this message and change her world – thank you Mr. Farber and everyone else who has shared their thoughts on this book – I will be a better person and teacher because of all of you.” N. Poslosk


“I feel that I have lived LEAP in my previous work and now as a school counselor. Thank you for providing me with a framework and opportunity to help change the world – one student at a time.” –Kathleen McCann Oceanside High School School Counselor, Oceanside, California


“I have been in education for 20 years (was a HS/MS band director) and have been a middle school counselor for the last three years. A while back, I came in contact with your Radical Leap book and just got the chance to read it…there were times I was almost in tears. Much of what you say about “Love” and “Changing the World” being the basis of great leadership really hit home for me. I have always felt this, but just never consciously realized it. For me the music and leadership parts of my life truly merged because of this book…things finally made complete sense. Love is the essence of both leadership and music. THANK YOU FOR WRITING THIS BOOK!!!! It has shown me that I am not the only hopeless romantic about what leadership can and should be. Your LEAP approach is just wonderful. I am also a hopeless romantic regarding the magic of connecting with other human beings. Any successful endeavor in life (professional or personal) comes down to the quality of your relationships with others. I am honored to have read your book and I am a better person to have read it.” -J. King, Rochester, Indiana

To receive your copy of The Radical Leap Re-Energized, Please fill in your information below. NOTE: WE WILL NOT SHARE YOUR INFORMATION WITH ANYONE. EVER. NEVER EVER.

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