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The author, Steve Farber, is giving away this remarkable book to every educator in the US and beyond. If you work in the field of K-12 public or private education (teachers, principals, superintendents, assistants, admin, support–everyone!) we invite you to download a digital copy of this remarkable book.

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The Radical Leap Re-Energized is inspiring educators throughout North America and the world.

  • “The power of the principles within LEAP to change lives, organizations and communities is irrefutable. These principles are timeless and will work in any situation where hearts and minds are willing and unselfish. They will continue to transform me, my building and my community.” –D Pinter, Principal, Ft Caroline Elementary School, Jacksonville, Florida.
  • “Two years ago I picked up your Radical Leap book and have been hooked ever since. I continually push my students and everyone around me to continue to follow the LEAP concept. I always wish that I could do more to get your words of wisdom out there and to push my students and myself to be the best.” — E Honig, Business Education Teacher, New Jersey
  • “Finally, a credible leader and author that brings renewed hope to all those ‘extreme leaders’ in education that have been labeled as crazy because of their commitment to kids first–their hopes, their dreams, their humanity–before anything else. How can we promote the love of learning if the love for learning is devalued or worse, forgotten! The Radical LEAP reminds education of our solid foundation!” –G Warren, Vice President, California School Library Association; Director, Remote ISTE; Founder, Educational Collaboratives