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How to Make Your Customers Love You? Wrong Question.

If we want to make our customers love us, then we … well, wait a minute … Scratch that. We can’t make our customers love us. We can’t make anyone love us. That’s simply not how it works.   Love is a gift we freely give and that’s freely … Read the full article→

How to Change the World One Pizza at a Time

Byron Stephens has helped Marco's Pizza grow to more than 700 stores in 35 states and three countries. That type of expansion often kills a culture; in fact, while Marco's growth numbers looked great on paper, employee morale began to … Read the full article→

A WUP Upside The Head 1.6

Chapter 8 While I was staring, incredulous, at that blank sheet of paper, Rich Delacroix had just started a senior management meeting in the oak paneled conference room at the national headquarters of Independence Lending Group, Inc. The topic … Read the full article→

High Turnover is Not a Recruitment Problem, So What is It?

[I’m happy to share this guest post from my friend and colleague, Michael Kennedy—a veteran of the automotive industry and renowned automotive recruiter. Aside from the specific statistics, the challenges and solutions that follow apply to all … Read the full article→

A WUP Upside The Head: 1.5

Chapter 7   Cam just about swallowed his tongue. “You were the chief information officer of Maritime and Son?” he asked incredulously. “No, sir, I was not.” “But you just said…” “I said CIO, not chief information officer. Really, Buck, … Read the full article→

These Extreme Leadership Qualities are the Gateway to this Healthcare Facility’s Vibrant New Culture

Allen James is the chief administrator of a post-acute care skilled nursing facility—you know, a nursing home.  For many people, that brings to mind images of elderly men and women sitting alone in wheelchairs and watching televisions turned up to … Read the full article→

A WUP Upside The Head: Part 1.4

Chapter 6 (continued) “Jeez! Look at that guy. Can you believe him? He looks like a dog I used to own. Get a load of that hair. What a fleabag!” He gave me a conspiratorial nudge on the arm. “What sewer did he sleep in last … Read the full article→

Get Out of Your Office

Some of us remember the days when we could lock ourselves in the office, turn off the phone, and put the outside world on hold. But now—what with texts, social media updates, instant messages, and the incessant vibrating and chiming of our mobile … Read the full article→

A WUP Upside The Head: Part 1.3

Chapter 5 … Read the full article→

A WUP Upside The Head: Part 1.2

Chapter 3 Closer, dealmaker, phone demon, top producer, Cameron Summerfield is a sales god. He came to work at ILGI fresh out of state college where he’d graduated unceremoniously with a liberal arts degree. Armed with a diploma on the wall and the … Read the full article→