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“Extreme Leadership is the wholehearted commitment to making things better–often at the risk of failure and sacrifice.”

The Extreme Leadership Workshop: Taking the Radical Leap
Based on the work of best-selling leadership author, Steve Farber, the Extreme Leadership Workshop explores the key tenets of Farber’s work—Cultivating Love, Generating Energy, Inspiring Audacity, and Providing Proof—and techniques to apply them to personal and professional leadership challenges.

Workshop participants will:

  • Gain an understanding of the Extreme Leadership Framework and its application to opportunities for leadership
  • Clarify what is important to you and your organization to energize and inspire yourself and others
  • Increase understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing you and your organization, and take personal accountability for effectively navigating and leading through them
  • Develop an Extreme Leader Action Plan to Change the World–in little and big ways

This highly adaptable workshop is designed as a one-day (8 hour) workshop but can be reduced to 4 hours or extended to 2 full days with supplemental content. It is facilitator-led and includes individual reflection and action-planning, small group interaction and built-in videos featuring author Steve Farber explaining and applying Extreme Leadership concepts.

Each participant receives:

  • A Participant Workbook and Extreme Leader Action Plan, which is developed over the course of the workshop
  • A copy of The Radical Leap Re-energized by best-selling author, Steve Farber
  • A Daily Handbook for the Extreme Leader, a tool to help reinforce the Extreme Leadership Framework after the workshop and provide ongoing exploration as an Extreme Leader
  • A series of follow-up videos, sent to the participant over the course of the year following the workshop. Each video reinforces the Extreme Leadership Framework and sustains the participants’ efforts to pursue their Extreme Leadership Action Plans.

What workshop participants have to say…

“This workshop is the above-and-beyond of leadership. I have read books and attended leadership courses that talk about the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of leadership. This workshop is different – it talks about the “why” of leadership. I learned that leadership was a love affair to change the world! That was big for me. It was powerful. The whole workshop is based on this foundation – and then builds on the what and the how. I loved the structure and the content. With it, I believe I am ready to take the Leap!”
~ Sr. Director of Software Engineering, San Francisco Bay area

“As a leader I spend every day competing for customers and the greatest talent. It’s not something you win with money or a big business. People want to work with people who truly love what they do, the people they do it with & the people they do it for. The Extreme Leadership Workshop made me look inside my heart and discover that this is what I always have believed. LEAP will change my company, the lives of the people in it, and those of everyone it touches. It’s time to change the world.”
~CEO, Virtualization, application delivery, and hardware integration firm, San Francisco Bay area

“LEAP in action will propel companies beyond competitors’ reach. Those who do tap the power of people doing what they truly love… boldly… together WILL change the world.”
~President, Management Consulting company, Portland, OR

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