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come back in a ball of fire

What if you could create a plan for an inspiring year of your post-pandemic life in just 4 hours?

Register for Extreme Leadership Experience DREAM BIGGER!

On June 22nd, 9 am – 1 pm PDT

Re-fuel your energy. 

Reconnect with your why.

Revitalize your plan.

What will your energized, reunited world look like?

Create your plan with us on June 22nd.

Your ticket price includes the event, a one-on-one coaching session, access to our planning template, and the first module of the Extreme Leadership Accelerator program.

50% of all proceeds will be donated to The Dream Bigger Foundation.

We are proud to be helping the Dream Bigger Foundation unite people across divides, making transformation accessible to everyone.



The Experience Starts In


After this experience you will
have a roadmap for life after the pandemic.

A roadmap to prepare for what’s next, because this will end, and you will be ready.

At EXTREME Leadership Experience

Receive Real World Guidance

Learn from renowned leadership experts & leading psychologists on the most critical aspects to leading post-pandemic success.

Be Ready To Rise

You hold the responsibility of creating a new elevated world. Returning can be the rise of something new and better.

Execute With Precision

What the world needs most right now is action. You will leave with a written plan and a strategic coaching session to support your success.

The strategic coaching call represents our commitment to supporting you as a leader in creating the change you desire.

Experience Extreme Accountability

A Plan

You will leave with a one-page strategic plan (which may be business or personally focused) on how you will lead in creating your new world.

A Partner

Unlike other ‘events,’ this experience includes a strategic call, giving you direct, expert guidance on your success plan.

Calls are one-on-one direct with Steve Farber or Maurice Thibodeau of the Extreme Leadership Institute.


Our incredible speaker line up

Learn from transformational leaders & connect to rise together.


Justin Michael Williams

Author, Speaker, Entertainer

Working at the intersection of Music, Meditations and Equality.

Rich Sheridan

CEO, Co-Founder and Chief Storyteller at Menlo Innovations

Speaker, Author of Chief Joy Officer and Joy, Inc.


Steve Farber

Author, Speaker and Coach

President of Extreme Leadership, Incorporated, and the founder of The Extreme Leadership Institute.


Denise Harrington

Visionary, Business Leader, Entrepreneur, & Communications Expert.

Founder & CEO of Speaking With Impact Programs

Dr. David Gruder

Clinical and organizational psychologist, eight-award-winning author, highly sought speaker, trainer, and trusted advisor.

President, Integrity Culture Systems™

How is this experience different?

This is not a sit back “replay” event. 

In this experience you get deep into each topic, you learn directly from in-the field experts, and you integrate the learnings and insights into an actionable plan.

Come back in a ball of fire!

Extreme Leadership Experience DREAM BIGGER

Create your plan for an elevated world.
Reward Action

Key Success Planning Elements:

  1. Building Adaptable Systems: preparing the system for success.
  2. Psychological Readiness: preparing you & your teams for a new elevation.
  3. Inclusivity: an essential part of your plan.
  4. Upheaval Harvesting: harvesting the gifts of learned experience.
  5. Connect With Purpose: the essential resilience strategy.

Here’s what to expect at this change maker experience:


  • Welcome
  • Breakthrough Break-outs #1. Setting The Stage For Action.
  • Expert Insights: Practical Perspectives On What Matters Now.
  • Breakthrough Break-outs #2: Integrating Insights.
  • Expert Panel: Ask Anything, Get What You Need.
  • Justin Michael WilliamsUnity – The time is now. *Special performance.
  • Breakthrough Break-outs #3: Integrated Action Planning.
  • Closing.

Warning No Posers: Please do not come to this event if you have no intentions of acting on what you are called to do. This event is for action takers, leaders, and those ready to change the world for the better.

What people say from past
Extreme Leadership Experiences

The Extreme Leadership Experience inspired me to bring out the best in others, and the energy generated from this event is sticking with me even months later.
I loved every minute of The Extreme Leadership Experience! The messages from all the other speakers, the music...the whole experience changed my perspective on how I want to be as a leader and a person.
My leadership tank was definitely filled. I will never forget the intense feeling of personal responsibility to go forth and ‘do leadership’ very intentionally in the moments and months ahead.
The Extreme Leadership Experience was a great blend of meaningful content, emotional stories that connected the audience to the power of L.E.A.P., great entertainment, and interactive sessions to keep everyone engaged. It’s a truly remarkable event.
My favorite part of the event was the interaction with the amazing group of people that attended. It really is incredible to meet such a diverse group of professionals that are all tied together by the same philosophy.

Did we mention you get a 1:1 coaching call ?!

Coaching calls with this caliber cost > $300 per session.

As an attendee, you also get:

1) The first module of the Extreme Leadership Accelerator Program
2) Post-pandemic elevated world planning workbook

LIJ 56 | Creative Collaboration

Post-event 1-on-1 Strategic Coaching Call

This is a direct, no-sales BS, strategic coaching call with either Steve Farber (Founder and CEO of the Extreme Leadership Institute) or Maurice Thibodeau (Co-creator and Director of the Extreme Leadership Accelerator Mastermind).

The EXTREME Leader strives to 
Cultivate LOVE
Generate ENERGY
Inspire Audacity
Provide Proof

An Extreme Leadership Experience for all heart-centered leaders ready to rise. 

After attending this experience you will:

Have A Post-Pandemic Success Plan 

  • Completed with action items to mobilize you and your team.

Gain New Connections

  • Break-outs are intimately designed so that you come away connected to other leaders excited about and ready to create a reunited world. 

Have Energizing Insight 

  • Coming from the ideas and specific strategies shared from the diverse panel of experts AND from the intimate break-out experiences that tap into the collective wisdom of the group.

Extreme Leadership Experience

"Be the change you wish to see in the world."
Mohandas Gandhi
**50% of proceeds donated to the Dream Bigger Foundation**
We are proud to be helping the Dream Bigger Foundation unite people across divides, making transformation accessible to everyone.
Action Reward

Your Experience Begins in: