Increase Personal Mastery & Happiness

Leadership development that will grow your people and increase happiness - GUARANTEED.

"I've taken this program as an opportunity to grow professionally and personally, it's held me accountable to become a better version of myself, and it has been truly life-changing - I'm so grateful."

leaders supporting leaders to be their best

The Extreme Leadership Accelerator is a leadership community that brings you together with others leaders that also want MORE. Inside is where you grow, inspire, challenge, and connect with each other to have and BE MORE. 

You are

an organization (business, government agency, not-for-profit, school, or association) and you are ready to support your leaders to have more connection, increased capabilities, and experience more joy and love in what they do.

You are

an individual (entrepreneur, professional, business owner, community leader, or retiree) and you are ready to contribute to a connected community of caring leaders, you want to grow, be inspired, and create meaningful impact.
leaders have a desire to Change the World for the better. But Sometimes, it's not clear how...

In this community we guide leaders
to create the impact that are capable of

A leadership program that creates sustained results
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Build a culture of inspiring energy
Where people treat each other with accountability & mutual respect.

this is extreme leadership.

"being important" is not the goal here.

doing "important work" is.

For People & organizations that desire to

Cultivate LOVE for self and others.

Inspire AUDACITY by courageously showing up to face fears and crush goals.

Generate ENERGY with an attitude of positivity and service. 

Provide PROOF by being boldly accountable. 

what you get In This Community

       1. Connections   2. Knowledge  3. Experiences

group diverse
Connect, Serve, Receive.
There are many avenues to connect with peers and experts. Give and receive support through meetings, office hours, and inside the online community.

If you are participating at the ACCELERATOR level, your cohort group is like having a personal advisory board, you support each other to overcome obstacles, stay accountable, and implement the change you desire to make.
Learn. Grow. Achieve.
With all ten modules of the Extreme Leadership Online Curriculum, you have a steady, easy to consume, high quality leadership content to keep you continuously expanding.

This content dives deep into the practical application of integrating extreme leadership in your life.

Knowledge turns to integrated wisdom through lived experience of the content and gained insight from peers.
ele 2020
Engage, Rise, Unite.
Periodically, you are included to attend the Extreme Leadership Experience events.

These events inspire, energize, and give you an outlet and a community to celebrate extreme leadership.

These include weekly mindset calls, periodic networking opportunities, live leadership workshops, and for those in the ACCELERATOR program, there is an annual awards event.
Together, this framework of peer accountability, dripped leadership teaching, and inspiring events creates your personal growth container.

“Do what you love in the service of people
who love what you do.”

Steve Farber

Leadership guru and best-selling author Steve Farber has spent life building a body of work that helps leaders to push the edges of their leadership practice to change the world for the better.

These Extreme Leadership Programs make this body of work available to individuals and organizations in a scalable, effective system. 


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For individuals and business teams committed to operationalizing LEAP
Love, Energy, Audacity, & Proof.

A winning framework for building cultures where people love what they do

The extreme leader accelerator is for people that are wise enough to know that having a community of consistent support is the best and (maybe even the only) way to push yourself to the edges of your comfort zone to truly be accountable to the values you espouse.


Please do not apply for this program if you are not ready to take action.

This is NOT a sit back and watch the replays program.

In this program you are supported to "be" your highest self and "do" your greatest work.

What people say?

“Since adopting the mastermind program as an internal employee program, I’ve seen a desperately needed increase in positive energy, connection and application. One of the greatest benefits has been the reactions I’ve seen from the members in my groups. It is so gratifying to give them this, we need this type of energy.
Susie Thompson
Vice-President HR & Culture Wood & Huston Bank (14 members active in the program today).
"I've taken this program as an opportunity to grow professionally and personally, it's held me accountable to become a better version of myself, and it has been truly life-changing - I'm so grateful."
Melisa Grossenburg
VP of Retail Banking
"They don't teach this stuff in business school, but they should! Every leader at every level of every organization needs to take Farber's message to heart and put it into action. It's what I strive to do every day in my business."
Dr. Ivan Misner
Founder BNI

Three levels of participation to choose from

#1. Extreme Leadership – ACCELERATOR MASTERMIND: This is our premium program; it enhances leadership capabilities, gives leaders direct support from multiple layers (including powerful peer-to-peer accountability), fuels inspiration with events, community activity, awards, and calls; gives leaders continuous momentum towards their goals with a structured goal-setting framework, provides extreme connection and support with monthly professionally facilitated cohort meetings, and gives access to world-class coaching with office hours only available to ACCELERATOR MEMBERS.

The ACCELERATOR is ideal to launch as an in-house leadership development program, putting cohorts of your leadership team together. The ACCELERATOR also works IDEALLY for solopreneurs, business owners, and passionate leaders that don’t have a community supporting their goals and growth. The ACCELERATOR level includes a slightly different version of the LEAP Leadership Courses, everything you see in the COMMUNITY description above, AND also:

  • You are placed into a mastermind cohort of 4-7 people.
  • Professional facilitated monthly mastermind meetings.
  • Access and follow proven Goal Setting Framework
  • Exclusive Access to monthly office hours with Steve Farber and lead coach Maurice Thibodeau
  • Attendance at the virtual Love Is Just Damn Good Business leadership Keynote from Steve Farber – May 13th (10-12 CST) 
  • Inclusion in the LEAPies year-end awards ceremony
  • Only 50 Spots are Available 

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#2. Extreme Leadership – LEAP COMMUNITY: Join a community of like-minded leaders and up-level your leadership skills inside The Extreme Leadership COMMUNITY. This includes the entire curriculum offered in the Extreme Leadership EDGE, helping you develop essential leadership skills, plus inclusion in the LEAP Community to expand your network, fuel your energy, and hold you accountable as you grow. Includes:

  • The LEAP Into Your Week, weekly mindset and goal-setting calls
  • Attendance at the virtual Love Is Just Damn Good Business leadership Keynote from Steve Farber – May 13th (10-12 CST) 
  • Access & networking in the Extreme Leadership online community
  • Extreme Leadership EDGE online curriculum (10 courses)
  • Only 150 Spots are Available 

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#3. Extreme Leadership – EDGE: Take Your leadership skills to the next level with the Extreme Leadership Edge curriculum. This program provides you with the essential skills you need to lead with confidence and purpose, including values-based leadership, team trust, goal-setting, and self-mastery; all following Steve Farber’s proven leadership framework LEAP. This is the first time the Extreme Leadership Framework has been available in a self-led online curriculum. Gain the fundamentals of leadership practice at your own pace, or use this material to supplement current corporate learning and development materials. This is a self-led online program with the option to add a coach. Includes all ten LEAP Leadership Courses:

  1. this is Extreme Leadership

  2. Infusing Love Into Your Work 

  3. Wake Up With Awareness

  4. Getting Clear On Your Values: finding your frequency

  5. The Power Of Gratitude

  6. Building A Vibrant Culture & Reducing Stress

  7. Changing The World may not be as hard as you think

  8. Pursuing Goals & Meeting Challenges

  9. Creating a Culture Of Accountability – proof

  10. Identifying and Operationalizing Your Professional Value. 

Participants completing the course material receive an Extreme Leadership EDGE Certificate.  

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Inside the leadership ACCELERATOR – 

Inspiring leadership events, connected monthly accountability, & ongoing expert training.

1. Your mastermind group

You will meet and join a carefully selected group of extreme leaders. 

These people become the peers that support your growth. 

Being a mastermind is like having my own personal advisory board.” – Tim Dumas.

2. Monthly Mastermind Meetings

Your group meets monthly. Following an extreme leadership mastermind format you experience:

  • Extreme Accountability: be your best.  
  • Extreme Inclusion: be exactly who you are.
  • Extreme Vulnerability: show up authentically.
  • Extreme Participation: show up fully.

3. Monthly Leadership Integration

With on-point, practical, monthly leadership modules, you experience:

  • Leadership growth, every month.
  • Implementable strategies, every month.
  • Inspired ideas, energizing examples, every month.
“The format supports incremental progress, and it's happening every month. You just know each month it’s going to go more and more, I can absolutely see & feel the momentum.”
Carl Gaertner
Former Business Analyst at State Auto Insurance

We are better together – 

inside the mastermind, each person picks a project that they desire to complete within the year. Here are some examples of change the world projects:
  • I am creating an internal employee training and development program called Wood & Huston University. 
  • I am producing a podcast to inspire and support working mothers and grandmothers. 
  • I am securing housing for struggling veterans within my community; no veteran is without a place to stay!
  • I am creating a paperless work environment in the Credit Administration Department, ease of work and freedom of time for all. 
  • To write a book about money/wealth with my friend, Adam Markel.

How will you change the world?


  • Being a part of the mastermind program is about integrating the L.E.A.P principles, Love, Energy, Audacity, and Proof in your life (*remember when we say life – that is an inclusive term, “life” includes your work, relationships, community involvement…all of it). 
  • The program design moves the intention of living these values to action through practical teaching on tactics and strategies shared each month, accountability between cohort members, and clarity of what each means. 

The meeting structure has these elements:

  • Capture The Learnings – turn experience into wisdom.
  • Conquer Fears – mastering the OS!M.
  • L.E.A.P Integrated Teachings – growing together.
  • Share & Serve – changing the world.
  • Extreme Lounge – connecting.
  • A detailed registration process is in place; we ask many questions to know each member, including industry, experience, interests, passions, and even music. 
  • There is an interview matching process.
  • Each chair will have some involvement in the selection process.

All of the above input goes into making the group selection process.

**For in-company programs, the selection process is integrated closely with you.

  • Given the personalized nature of a mastermind, there needs to be an allowance for the most needed value to come from the group.  

    Benefits will vary by each person, and in general, will at least include:

    • Gain relationships that will alter your life.
    • Impact other people with your gifts in a way that alters the course of their lives (for the better).
    • Learn new depths of time-standing life principles and be a better human for it.
    • Be challenged and supported to be your best – as you ask others to do the same and support them in the process.
  • Chairs are selected from within the mastermind program.

  • Once inside, express your interest in becoming a chair.
  • No. This is part of cohesion management.  
  • This process is treated with respect and in the service of all involved.
  • Meeting attendance and participation is an essential part of this program. 
  • Each group sets meeting schedules independently to accommodate the needs of their group. 
  • Each group will have the opportunity to set their own “agreements,” which will outline missed meeting parameters.  
  • To form the “mastermind,” your full presence and engagement are part of the energy. 
  • Monthly meetings are 90-120 minutes; your chair will be encouraged to host an Extreme Lounge period just before and immediately after the meeting.
  • Leadership teaching materials are dripped each month that take on average under an hour to consume.
  • The teachings are integral to living leadership and meant to be practiced throughout the month as part of your regular routines. 
  • You choose your Change Your World Project; you decide how much time and priority goes to that each month.

The network site we have chosen will make it easy to connect with others inside and outside your cohort.  

Absolutely, have them apply on the website here. 

Are you ready to apply extreme leadership to your life or business?