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This program is about Changing the world by using your gifts, and doing it in a community that supports you to be your best.

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3) Network Connection: we use a platform called the Mighty Network. This is where we publish the leadership learning modules, event details and where you will connect with other members. You will get a link inviting you to register and access the first module!

4) Mastermind Kick-off: we host the kick-off on February 24th – 9am – 12 pm. You will receive an email with the invite details.

Bonus living on purpose workshop

If you have registered before Dec. 31st,
you are invited to the
living on Purpose
life planning event

living on purpose
bonus Details

1. Review your past

Be guided in a full sensory review of your past year; cultivate the learning to collect the most valuable lessons, and, celebrate your most cherished memories. 

By taking the time to let go of some of what I was hanging onto, I created so much more room for what was most important.”

“I was surprised by how much I had actually accomplished in the past year. I think I get caught up focusing on the things I didn’t get done. This exercise of reflection gave me a lot of energy to move forward.”

2. Get clear on your values & gifts

In this life planning experience, you will follow a process that helps you to get clear on your highest values, and greatest gifts. 

  • Your experience includes access to the proprietary life planning tool created by Maurice Thibodeau: The Life Inventory Assessment 
  • You will be shown how to read the comprehensive Life Map.

A man was trying to get home, he was lost. He met a wise woman at the corner. She said, “Take a left turn in the direction of what you love, then take a sharp right when you see your passions. Finally, keep going straight for as long as it takes.”  She paused for a moment, and leaned close, and said, “This next part is extremely IMPORTANT so listen closely. You must do EVERYTHING you can to stay awake and aware. There will be many distractions and lots of opportunities to drift away. But as long as you continue to drive and stay in between the lines of your values, you will, I promise, make it home.”  

3. Create A Life Plan

Follow our vision casting process to dream big, and, then narrow your focus to define an achievable life plan:

  • Vision casting. Tap into your full sensory capabilities using NLP and Hypnotic patterns. 
  • Create a life plan. Capitalize on the strategic process and organization system of a certified Project Manager (Tracy), and a system design architect (Maurice), as you use their proven life planning framework.  
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The Living On Purpose Life Planning Experience
Welcome To the extreme leadership community
A community to supporting you to be your best.
A community of leaders with shared values.

A community dedicated to changing the world, together.

"being important" is not the goal here.

doing "important work" is.

Do you desire to

Cultivate LOVE in your actions, projects, and relationships?

Inspire AUDACITY in how you courageously show up to face your fears and crush your goals?

Generate ENERGY in a way that lifts and serves the people and environments you belong to?

Provide PROOF by how you do what you say you will do?

How it works

1. Apply

2. Information Interview & Selection

3. Join & Participate.

get ready to experience

     1. Masterminds   2. Teachings  3. Experiences

group diverse
Connect, Serve, Receive.
Through monthly mastermind meetings, you will track a project that you choose, called your Change The World Project (CTW project).

Each member has a CTW project, and like having a personal advisory board, you support each other to overcome obstacles, stay accountable, and implement the change you desire to make.
Learn. Grow. Achieve.
Every month, a new piece of leadership content is released.

This content is easy to consume and dives deep into the practical application of integrating extreme leadership in your life.

Knowledge turns to integrated wisdom through lived experience of the content and gained insight from peers.
ele 2020
Engage, Rise, Unite.
Periodically, you are included to attend the Extreme Leadership Experience events.

These events inspire, energize, and give you an outlet and a community to celebrate extreme leadership.
Inside the leadership mastermind:

If inspiring leadership events, connected monthly accountability, & ongoing expert leadership training got together and had a baby, that would be one heck-of-a-party, and what you would get is the Extreme Leadership Accelerator Mastermind.

Together, this framework of peer accountability, dripped leadership teaching, and inspiring events creates your personal growth container.

“Do what you love in the service of people
who love what you do.”

Steve Farber

Leadership guru and best-selling author Steve Farber has spent life building a body of work that helps leaders to push the edges of their leadership practice to change the world for the better.

The extreme leader accelerator is the first time the body of work is being organized in a way that allows diverse leaders to support each other every month in integrating extreme leadership in their life. 


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This is the framework of our work together

The extreme leader accelerator is for people that are wise enough to know that having a community of consistent support is the best and (maybe even the only) way to push yourself to the edges of your comfort zone to truly be accountable to the values you espouse.


You will get the most from this program by fully committing to yourself and your community members. 

This is NOT a sit back and watch the replays program.

An integral part of the program is you showing up, for yourself, your mastermind peers, and the world. 

stories from Past Participants Of The extreme leadership mastermind
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What people say?

“Since adopting the mastermind program as an internal employee program, I’ve seen a desperately needed increase in positive energy, connection and application. One of the greatest benefits has been the reactions I’ve seen from the members in my groups. It is so gratifying to give them this, we need this type of energy.
Susie Thompson
Vice-President HR & Culture Wood & Huston Bank (14 members active in the program today).

We are better together

Here are some example of how mastermind members are changing the world for the better:
  • I am creating an internal employee training and development program called Wood & Huston University. 
  • I am producing a podcast to inspire and support working mothers and grandmothers. 
  • I am securing housing for struggling veterans within my community; no veteran is without a place to stay!
  • I am creating a paperless work environment in the Credit Administration Department, ease of work and freedom of time for all. 
  • To write a book about money/wealth with my friend, Adam Markel.

How will you change the world?


  • Being a part of the mastermind program is about integrating the L.E.A.P principles, Love, Energy, Audacity, and Proof in your life (*remember when we say life – that is an inclusive term, “life” includes your work, relationships, community involvement…all of it). 
  • The program design moves the intention of living these values to action through practical teaching on tactics and strategies shared each month, accountability between cohort members, and clarity of what each means. 

The meeting structure has these elements:

  • Capture The Learnings – turn experience into wisdom.
  • Conquer Fears – mastering the OS!M.
  • L.E.A.P Integrated Teachings – growing together.
  • Share & Serve – changing the world.
  • Extreme Lounge – connecting.
  • A detailed registration process is in place; we ask many questions to know each member, including industry, experience, interests, passions, and even music. 
  • There is an interview matching process.
  • Each chair will have some involvement in the selection process.

All of the above input goes into making the group selection process.

**For in-company programs, the selection process is integrated closely with you.

  • Given the personalized nature of a mastermind, there needs to be an allowance for the most needed value to come from the group.  

    Benefits will vary by each person, and in general, will at least include:

    • Gain relationships that will alter your life.
    • Impact other people with your gifts in a way that alters the course of their lives (for the better).
    • Learn new depths of time-standing life principles and be a better human for it.
    • Be challenged and supported to be your best – as you ask others to do the same and support them in the process.
  • Chairs are selected from within the mastermind program.

  • Once inside, express your interest in becoming a chair.
  • No. This is part of cohesion management.  
  • This process is treated with respect and in the service of all involved.
  • Meeting attendance and participation is an essential part of this program. 
  • Each group sets meeting schedules independently to accommodate the needs of their group. 
  • Each group will have the opportunity to set their own “agreements,” which will outline missed meeting parameters.  
  • To form the “mastermind,” your full presence and engagement are part of the energy. 
  • We bring all members of the mastermind together for a virtual experience of:
    • Connecting With Others To Maximize Opportunities For Networking & Resource Sharing.
    • Energy & entertainment (usually of a musical nature).
    • Learning & Development.
  • Monthly meetings are 90-120 minutes; your chair will be encouraged to host an Extreme Lounge period just before and immediately after the meeting.
  • Leadership teaching materials are dripped each month that take on average under an hour to consume.
  • The teachings are integral to living leadership and meant to be practiced throughout the month as part of your regular routines. 
  • You choose your Change Your World Project; you decide how much time and priority goes to that each month.

The network site we have chosen will make it easy to connect with others inside and outside your cohort.  

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