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For leaders and leadership teamS.

LIVING and LEADING with a purpose that is GREATER THAN YOURSELF.

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September 30th, 9 am – 1 pm PDT

For leaders and leadership teams.

As a leader, when we come from a place of service, we lift those around us, and we get to experience the fulfilling results of doing work that matters. In this experience:

  1. Learn how to apply a proven framework of mentorship.
  2. Connect with the power of service.
  3. Receive practical direction on how to expand impact.
  4. Explore the science and psychology of a giving & gifting culture.
  5. Reveal the most repeatable, resilient, business growth strategy that exists today.

You will leave with an inspired plan on how to expand yourself and your team members.

The Experience Starts In




Extreme Leadership Experiences are not sit-back “replay” events.

Together, we go deep into topics that advance leadership.

You are asked to take what you learn and apply it.

Together, we make the world a better place.

At EXTREME Leadership Experience

Receive Real World Guidance

Learn from renowned leadership experts & leading psychologists on the most critical aspects to leading post-pandemic success.

Be Challenged To Answer The Call

You hold the responsibility and the opportunity of leading.
During this experience, you are asked to answer that call to lead.

Connect With Other Leaders

This experience provides engagement break-outs for you to connect with other leaders, in other industries, so that we expand together.

Experience Extreme Accountability

A Mentorship Framework

Receive a framework to build your mentorship program around from experts that have done it at scale. 

A Challenge To Be Greater Than Yourself

Following the examples of the presenter panel and inspired stories across industries, you will be invited to step into a greater than yourself challenge. We expand together. 

Our incredible speaker line up

Learn from transformational leaders & connect to rise together.


Dr. Ivan Misner

Founder & Chief Visionary Officer of BNI, the world’s largest business networking organization.


Adam Markel

Best selling author and expert in resilience.


Steve Farber

Author, Speaker and Coach

President of Extreme Leadership, Incorporated, and the founder of The Extreme Leadership Institute.


Jim Kouzes

Leadership expert, Best-selling Author (The Leadership Challenge), Scholar, Executive Fellow of Leadership, Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University. 

Starla Lewis

Starla Lewis

Professor, Life Mastery Coach & Educator, Advocator for Love & People.

Here’s what to expect at this change maker experience:


  • Welcome
  • Breakthrough Break-outs #1. Setting The Stage For Action.
  • Expert Insights: Practical Perspectives On Expanding Impact.
  • Breakthrough Break-outs #2: Share, Serve, Connect.
  • Expert Panel: Ask Anything. 
  • Breakthrough Break-outs #3: Integrated Action Planning, Answering The Call Of Extreme Leadership
  • Closing.

Warning No Posers: Please do not come to this event if you have no intentions of acting on what you are called to do. This event is for action takers, leaders, and those ready to change the world for the better.

What people say from past
Extreme Leadership Experiences

The Extreme Leadership Experience inspired me to bring out the best in others, and the energy generated from this event is sticking with me even months later.
I loved every minute of The Extreme Leadership Experience! The messages from all the other speakers, the music...the whole experience changed my perspective on how I want to be as a leader and a person.
My leadership tank was definitely filled. I will never forget the intense feeling of personal responsibility to go forth and ‘do leadership’ very intentionally in the moments and months ahead.
The Extreme Leadership Experience was a great blend of meaningful content, emotional stories that connected the audience to the power of L.E.A.P., great entertainment, and interactive sessions to keep everyone engaged. It’s a truly remarkable event.
My favorite part of the event was the interaction with the amazing group of people that attended. It really is incredible to meet such a diverse group of professionals that are all tied together by the same philosophy.
The EXTREME Leader strives to 
Cultivate LOVE
Generate ENERGY
Inspire Audacity
Provide Proof

An Extreme Leadership Experience for all heart-centered leaders ready to rise. 

After attending this experience you will:

Identify a person you wish to support to be their best. 

  • Intentional focus creates power that transforms.

Own Your Power Of Impact.

  • Take full ownership of the opportunity you have to impact those around you.

Know How 

  • Coming from the ideas and specific framework of expanding your personal impact you will know how to expand your leadership impact, some might even say, in an EXTREME way! 

Extreme Leadership Experience

"Be the change you wish to see in the world."
Mohandas Gandhi
Action Reward

Your Experience Begins in: