It’s time to toss aside the touchy-feely notions of love in business and recognize the real power it holds. Love is not only appropriate in the context of business, it’s the foundation of great leadership, and, therefore, the very foundation of a thriving, competitive enterprise. Welcome to the Love Is Just Damn Good Business podcast where host Steve Farber talks with business leaders who are operationalizing love as a strategic advantage.

Farber’s guests share their proven strategies, inspiring case studies, and practical lessons on how to build corporate and team cultures based on love—the ultimate competitive advantage. You’ll discover why (and how) Love, at the end of the day, is just damn good business for you, too.

Many businesspeople are frustrated by a gap between what they desire from their leadership and business efforts and what they’re able to accomplish; however, more and more successful leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs are successfully bridging that gap with phenomenal success. What is their secret? What code have they cracked?

They go beyond the traditional definition of leadership to make a significant, positive difference on their own company or within the company that they work for. These are people who take their own personal development seriously and don’t see it as something contrary to their professional development. And at their core, they recognize that love is a powerful leadership and business principle—and they operationalize it in the way they work with colleagues, employees, and customers alike.

The good news is that you can achieve that same level of success, too. Here on the Love Is Just Damn Good Business podcast, Steve Farber, Founder of The Extreme Leadership Institute, will be teaching you how to operationalize love as a business and leadership practice.

Steve’s passion is coaching and inspiring Extreme Leadership at all organizational levels by teaching leaders how to operationalize love as a discipline and a practice. Join him and his guests here on the podcast and learn specific ideas on how to operationalize love and be reenergized to make a significant difference in your businesses, personal life, and the world around you. After all, Love Is Just Damn Good Business!

Episode Blogs

LIJ 52 | Kaufmann Protocol
  Even though science has yet to discover how to revert old age, decelerating the process of aging is indeed a reality today. Dr. Sandra Kaufmann dedicated her free time to this field, turning her simple side study into an organized longevity regimen called the Kaufmann Protocol. She joins Steve Farber to discuss the findings of her research, which primarily focuses on taking care of the body at the cellular and DNA levels. She goes
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  Adjusting from one leadership to another is certainly hard for employees, but so much so for the leaders themselves. Inheriting a workplace culture calls for courage and patience, particularly if it is a horrible one. Steve Farber sits down with the top brass of Trailer Bridge, Inc., President/CEO Mitch Luciano and Vice President Indie Bollman, to share how they completely turned around their company’s dull and unproductive culture into a working and meaningful one. The
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LIJ 50 | Rock Icon
  The world of rock and roll is often associated with loud music, addiction, alcohol, and drugs. But for rock icon Jay Jay French, staying at the top of the game even in this field requires a clear mind, teamwork, and a strong entrepreneurial mindset. He sits down with Steve Farber to share the colorful journey of forming the band Twisted Sister, their rise as a bar and video band, their decline and fall, and
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  Pursuing a life in the arts is not for those who simply think of a way to earn. It can be tough, and career breakthroughs can arrive late. So why would anyone choose to become an actor, even more, be on Broadway? Steve Farber invites two Broadway legends who can answer that! In this episode, he sits down with Sandra Joseph, the longest-running leading lady of Broadway’s longest-running show of all time, and actor
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LIJ 48 | Assault Fitness
  In the marketing world full of overlapping products and services, coming up with a unique concept is the only way to stand out. This is exactly what Roger Dean Bates did with Assault Fitness when they conceptualized Assault Bike. Being the only one of its kind, this iconic fitness equipment caught the attention of so many athletes around the world, receiving mixed reviews. Roger shares with Steve Farber the story of how the Assault
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