executive coaching

Level Up Your Leadership with Executive Coaching

Would Michael Jordan be the G.O.A.T without Phil Jackson coaching him on his journey toward achieving the highest pinnacles of success in the NBA? Luckily we will never know, because Jordan did benefit from a

leading by example

Transform Proof into Power When You Lead by Example

Proof. It’s always the show-stopping pivotal moment in every tense courtroom scene in a movie or true crime series. Just when we’re positive we know what’s about to happen or who did it, a key

LIJ S2 10 | Savannah Bananas

Looking In On The Savannah Bananas With Jesse Cole

  America’s favorite pastime has just gotten more fun, thanks to Savannah Bananas! If you have not heard about them or been to their show yet, you are in for a treat! In this episode, you

emotional intelligence in leadership
Extreme Leadership

Emotional Intelligence in Leadership is the Key to Success

  We are living in the future. Artificial intelligence (AI) and technology were already beginning to integrate their way into our everyday lives, but during and after the pandemic, that slow-wave became a tsunami washing