Candace Durfee

I Loved every minute! The highlights for me were meeting Steve Farber and understanding he is exactly how I wanted him to be, the messages from all of the other speakers, and the music! It changed my perspective on how I want to be as a leader and a person.

Agile Consultant, Release Train Engineer

Timothy Perkins

I left each day feeling a sense of new empowerment. People were willing to share ultra personal stories/experiences (with a veritable stranger) if they thought it would help me – Amazing!

President, Perkins Masonry, Inc.

Brian Fifield

My favorite part of the event was the interaction with the amazing group of people that attended. It really is incredible to meet such a diverse group of professionals that are all tied together by the same philosophy

Laura Minyard

I loved the presentations by individuals who shared their challenges, heartbreaks, and difficulties with transparency and audacity, to become successful inspirational leaders in their fields and lives.

Immuno-Oncology Tumor Specialist, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Lisa Turner

The whole event just rocked.

Palomar Family Counseling Service

Paul Chaffee

It was demonstrated in story and in many examples throughout the Extreme Leadership Experience that love is just damn good business. My leadership tank was definitely filled – it was just a remarkable collection of impressive and dedicated people in the room – and it was inspiring to be so drawn to the competency and commitment demonstrated by those around me. But I will never forget the intense feeling of personal responsibility to go forth from here and ‘do leadership’ very intentionally in the moments, days, weeks, months, and years ahead.

Postmaster, United States Postal Service

Amy McNaughton

I’ve never attended anything like this in my life. I have traveled many times to the U.S. for business coaching, but not for leadership. Sad thing is, at least from my perspective, they should be the same thing. We are not separate from how we live or how we do business. Everyone there–and I mean everyone–was genuine, caring and loving. How weird is that…weird in that I’ve never experienced it before at events. I felt like I was home. This was my place. I belong here. I have never felt that way before.

President, Growing Forward

William Martines

The Extreme Leadership Experience was a great blend of meaningful content, emotional stories that connected the audience to the power of LEAP,great entertainment, and interactive sessions to keep everyone engaged. It’s a truely remarkable event.

William Martines
President, One Lilly Pad, LLC

Christen McLemore

The experience inspired me to bring out the best in others, and the energy generated from this event is sticking with me even months later.

Christen McLemore
Agile Transformation Consultant, Thought Leader