Steve is not only a fabulous presenter; he also exudes enthusiasm and belief in both the power and difficulty of good leadership.

University of Dayton

The strength of our leadership defines our success as a firm, and your presentation on "extreme leadership" provided our attendees with the means to become better leaders.

Ernst & Young

We were very pleased with Steve’s message. It was well delivered, timely, on target and well received.

Mid-States Distributing Company, Inc.

Thank you for contributing to the success of our Leader’s Edge Conference. Your message was energetic, provocative and compelling. I wish that we can apply even a small fraction of what you taught us to advance along the path to leadership.

CoreNet Global

Steve is an entertaining storyteller who incorporates messages that everyone can learn from. He delivered a great program that led attendees to dig deep and really think about the issues being discussed.

California Association of Community Managers

Steve’s program completely exceeded my expectations. His message carried throughout our conference. The subsequent speakers continuously made reference to the LEAP framework. I am happy to say that everything was flawless.

Discovery Networks

[Your presentation] was "bang on," as the English say, extremely effective, and will be forever remembered by the members who were there. I have subsequently heard from several members who read your book on the way home and now aspire to use the LEAP process in their daily professional lives.

The American Orthopaedic Association

Steve captures his audience early and they never let go. With his skillful use of wit, humor and real stories, he educates his audience about LEAP. His is a keynote speaker second to none.

St. Luke's Hospital and Health Network

Dear Steve…I can tell you first hand that our audience greatly resonated with your provocative and inspirational comments…From all of us at Raytheon, please accept our best wishes as you continue to spread the word. You have a powerful message that is artfully delivered!


It was an honor to have you among our distinctive inspirational speakers and to experience first hand not only your message on leadership, but your enthusiasm and energy as well. Your examples, authenticity, and humor captivated the attendees and left them wanting more!

FCC Services, Inc.

If you want to awaken---or perhaps expose--- the often-not-mentioned passion of the CEO, which is his/her love for what they do and how they do it---Steve Farber is the one to turn to. The CEO’s at the Milestones In Leadership Summit were touched by Steve’s presentation.

Milestone Risk Management & Insurance Services

Steve customized his presentation and worked directly with our senior leadership. He had a true understanding of the ideal conference experience and the deliverables desired by our attendees. 300 plus participants strongly agree, Steve’s keynote exceeded expectations.

Society of Human Resources Management

(SHRM) New Mexico

Steve was a huge hit! He reinforced so much of what our superintendent said...high energy....great points that were applicable to all levels of employees. I think many of them will use LEAP with their staff. A good number talked about how he challenged and inspired them. Everything was smooth and easy.

Fulton County Schools

As I expected Steve was phenomenal...Feedback from the students included remarks such as: 'He gets it' 'He is in touch with us and how we need to operate and lead in the future'...'Steve was right on, the best leadership speaker I have ever heard'. I know that the students will put LEAP into action.

Department of Defense

Steve was absolutely wonderful. His 90 minute presentation felt like 9 minutes. The entire audience of leaders were engaged and energized for every bit of the 90 minutes. Steve clearly understands leadership at a level that was well received by our Bank and aligned to our culture. His emotional intelligence is off the charts!

Investors Bank

Thank you for sharing your expertise with our audience and contributing to the huge success of our conference. Your presentation on Extreme Leadership Principles to Change the World inspired our audience. Without a doubt driving the end-to-end process improvement or any major business activity requires energizing leadership regardless of a job level. We are grateful for your participation at the Microsoft QBE Forum.


Steve helped us re-frame what it means to be a leader. We now know that everyone can be a leader without being on top of the organizational chart. Steve opened the minds of our leaders to a whole new way of looking at Leadership & Love. As a result, I believe we are now more motivated and willing to take that extreme leap to make our great company even greater!


Not only was your address insightful and inspiring, but it left people talking long after your session completed. Your energy and passion were evident. Even after our memories of this conference fade, your words will continue to live with us, and inspire us. Your passion, wisdom and ability to connect have set new bars for our conference speakers- we couldn’t be more pleased with the educational value you brought to our conference.

International Coach Federation

Your message of Extreme Leadership was directly on-target and inspired the entire group. Your mix of humor and emotion, together with the relevance of the topic to our situation at General Mills, kept the audience captivated. Thanks again for a great day and a compelling message. We will all remember the key message that you delivered and its importance to our everyday life both at work and home: 'Do what you love in the service of people who love what you do.

General Mills

Thank you so much for helping to make EISS Administrator’s Symposium such an outstanding success. Your practical and applicable presentation provided insights and relevance for future planning and development with their respective staffs. It is very evident form the participants’ comments that your message is timely and vital, and proves that it crossed the boundaries from business to the educational field. What you shared was not only from experience, but spoken from the heart. The credibility you bring to your presentations allows those in the field to build their craftsmanship and efficacy.

Orange County Department of Education

I'd like to share with you a couple of the comments we received about your presentation from our evaluations: '10+++ Unique and humorous take on leadership. Inspiration in a high-intensity delivery.'; 'Dynamic presentation. Inspiring wrap-up. Again, this highlighted how critical our attitude is to leadership. I've always hoped that my work makes a difference.'; 'I can't wait to get on his web site. His message reenergizes my thoughts and hopefully my actions.


Steve, Your session was the highest rated at the Bar Leadership Institute: 4.56 out of 5. Here are some comments we received.”
"I thought he was the best keynote on leadership thus far." - Oakland County Bar Association
"Fantastic." - Clearwater Bar Association
"Very upbeat and a kind of “holistic” approach to leadership." - Alameda County Bar Association
"One of the best presentations, on any topic, that I have ever heard." - Dauphin County Bar Association

American Bar Association

The Radical Leap is my favorite book of all time. I love it because it showed me something inside myself that was there and made it make sense and helped me harness it. I read the book at least once a year. One thing I never did was share it with anyone else. Your message around The Radical Leap Re-Energized and your commitment to buy a book for a teacher for every book purchased woke me up and made me realize that I should be sharing your message with the people that I am connected to and to my employees/leaders in my company. As such, I started with 20 copies that I have given out as holiday gifts, and there will be more. Thank you for your perspective and for inspiring me.

Michael Strohl, CEO, Entisys Solutions, Inc.

I just wanted to personally thank you for your presentation at our EISS Administrators' Symposium. You received glowing remarks and evaluations from everyone there!!!! Your message really hit home with the administrators and lead teachers. (I already have had two contact me about having you present at their district.) You truly are an exceptional motivational speaker and presenter! You connect and bring your message directly to them in a personal way. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for making my first Administrators' Symposium the best one ever!

Orange County Dept. of Education

Early Intervention for School Success (EISS)

Steve - Your presentation to our entire staff at our Annual Celebration of Employees (ACE) had such impact. Our diverse team was inspired and energized by your dynamism, passion, and of course your message of Extreme Leadership. In spite of some major technology issues (no electricity for 30+ minutes) you kept your cool and never missed a beat. Thank you for your compelling message: ‘Do what you love in the service of people who love what you do.’ You had the audience in the palm of your hands as they decided if they were ‘all in.’ Thank you for so clearly articulating these inspirational views on leadership at all levels.

Mission Federal Credit Union


Steve, you inspired our leaders and all of us all over again at our Emerging Leaders Program. You help us remember why we are here and the difference we each can make. Thank you for not only bringing your energy and passion to the session (even at dinner time!) but also for working with us ahead of time to understand what was really critical for this group at this point in their careers and with all the excitement around them with the changes at Agilent. You listened on all fronts, and you delivered as you always do. We are so grateful for your tremendous partnership and look forward to more opportunities in the future to bring your energy and vision to our leaders.

Agilent Technologies

Steve is a high energy presenter, his approach is engaging, thought provoking, and entertaining. Some comments from our meeting participants include: Fantastic...really makes you think. Leadership is something we are trying to develop in ourselves and the company so this helped get me thinking about how to be a better leader. Hit the nail right on the head for me. I hope our new culture can handle a lot more OS!Ms. I used to love my work and now I need to rekindle that love. I am a firm believer in what he has termed "LEAP" and I think it's that kind of energy and passion that is required of all of us as we work to turn our business around.

JR Simplot Company, Food Group

Steve's presentation exceeded my expectations. Our group consisted of leaders who have seen many presenters over the years because they have handled the technology during these events. Because of this, we can be quite cynical and I always hold my breath when we bring in a presenter. Steve was great! He engaged the group with humor and talked about passion in terms of leadership. This meeting was unique because it was the first meeting of a merged company that consists of two former competitors. Steve researched the situation well and applied many of his lessons to our specific circumstance and situation. Overall, Steve was prepared, well-researched, passionate, and humorous. It was a pleasure to have him address our first new PSAV National Leadership Meeting.

PSAV Presentation Services

  • Really enjoyed the discussion regarding OS!M; he accurately described the balance between risk and success
  • Included good visuals, exercises, and content
  • He had an excellent connection with the room, good flow throughout the presentation, and challenging questions
  • Good real-life examples and experiences to draw from
  • Great speaker who really conveyed the message we were hoping to get from this lecture series
  • Excellent-please bring him back!

GA Tech College of Management

  • Here’s what the MHCA attendees had to say about Steve Farber’s presentation:

    • “Excellent deliverables!”
    • “Looking forward to reading his book”
    • “Lots of things to ponder and to act on”
    • “GTY is a challenge…to take mentoring seriously”
    • “Compelling and practical”
    • “Steve made me take a deeper look into the obvious”
    • “Not the usual pep talk”
    • “Inspiring presentation for a young and new professional in the world of leadership”
    • “Audacious – Steve pushes my thought process to be growing in what that I was not doing


  • Steve, Richmond Events’ Logistics & Supply Chain Forum has received excellent reviews from its attendees, thanks in large part to your hard work providing the Forum with an enlightening, engaging and provocative opening keynote presentation. Thank you for your commitment to the program, all the time and effort you generously provided in putting together your session, and for your assistance in making this year’s Forum another resounding success! The following comments were made about your session:"

    • 'Really great presentation and totally applicable.Thought provoking!'
    • 'Equal part entertaining, informative and provocative.'
    • 'Excellent, one of the best I've heard…'
    • 'Loved the book. Will be having all our management team read it.'
    • 'Passionate and energetic - great analogies!'

Richmond Events' Logistics and Supply Chain Forum

  • We had 370+ people managers from our organization join Steve’s Extreme Leadership Jam Session. His passion and style had everyone engaged, his energy was infectious, and people left with actions to take back to their teams. Some sample quotes included:

    • “Show that I love what I do by being more focused, more energetic, and more inspirational to those that I lead. Also, to those that have given me this role, I will show them that my results are best when they give me good feedback and let me do what is necessary to be successful.”
    • “If I don't LOVE what I do, than I need to change it so I do LOVE it, and get other people excited about it.”
    • “Show more audacity - I have likely been holding myself back with virtual constraints that don't really exist. I am going to be more audacious with myself and my team to give more and to get more!”
    • “Go back and encourage my team to not be afraid to demonstrate some audacity and love for what they are doing. This is something I have always felt very strongly about and think is sadly missing.”

    We would highly recommend his programs to other companies.”


  • Your message to our Leadership Team was so eloquently delivered I was left speechless. It wasn't just a speech -- one way and directional -- but rather a mantra to live and work by. Your message about love, energy, audacity and proof hit home with every one of the folks in that room. It was tangible and practical and could be put to application immediately. In fact, we did so throughout the next day by creating action plans to implement that energy to create change in our culture. It was one of the best, if not the best, I have ever heard. I was thoroughly impressed in how you made the whole session so personal to Bayer Diagnostics. Your preparation is impeccable. I was personally moved and wanted to thank you for the opportunity to have that experience, to watch our Leadership Team get ignited with passion, and to propel Bayer Diagnostics to GREATNESS.

Bayer Healthcare Diagnostics Division

  • Steve was a surprise presenter via Skype at our offsite meeting entitled 'Insentra’s Radical LEAP.' He is a truly inspirational speaker and managed to engage the Insentra team by sharing many insights and anecdotes. LEAP is a core part of our company culture and our team will always remember his wit, passion and energy.


  • My story starts with a confession. Right after Radical Leap hit the bookstores I read the cover and adopted the LEAP formula as a training model for students and staff participating in a leadership course I developed for middle-schoolers. Without even reading the book I recognized the power of Cultivating Love, Generating Energy, Inspiring Audacity, and Providing Proof. A good friend describes what I did as ‘intellectual shoplifting’. With that in mind, guilt eventually prevailed, forcing me to buy the book. The framework I developed from reading the cover was good. The concepts the author describes in the story were nothing short of revolutionary. I promoted the Radical Leap as ‘the best, practical guide to the Golden Rule in print.’

John Hopkins

  • In January of 2006, I was the Director of Catering at Le Meridien Beverly Hills. Starwood hotels (which had bought the Le Meridien Brand), hosted their first national sales rally in San Diego. All 2,500 sales managers attended various workshops. I had signed up for a workshop entitled “Radical Leadership” which you facilitated. To this day, it remains hands down the greatest training class I have ever attended, on both a professional and personal level, and I have read The Radical Leap countless times.

Ladd Ljungberg

  • Radical Leap worked in reverse for me. I quit my job and literally walked out of my 35th floor corner office in downtown and entered the streets of Houston. By night fall I was either going to end up in a bar…or...well, I ended up in a book store and ran across The Radical Leap. This was in 2004 and exactly what I needed to hear at exactly the right time. I now own several businesses. I do what I love…and I'm working on launching a new web based legal services business next year. I've shared your books with people that I really think need to hear Edge's message. You're a good guy Steve. Hope you never stop writing and keep on strumming those strings.

Jamie Parks