Level Up Your Leaders and Business Growth with Steve’s Leadership Keynote

World-renowned and much-loved leadership speaker, Steve Farber, delivers a roadmap for leaders and organizations to follow as they embark on a journey to the next level of success

Take the Leap Toward Becoming an Extreme Leader

Farber’s strategic and thoughtful approach to leadership draws on his experience as an Extreme Leader in business. His focus on building relationships, fostering collaboration and cultivating employee’s sense of ownership opens hearts and taps into the business minds of his audiences. When you hire Steve as a motivational speaker for your business, you are taking the first and most crucial step on your journey toward Extreme Leadership.

Look Before
You Leap

Craft a strategic plan to reach the greatest heights of Extreme Leadership while maximizing your time and resources.

Fear is Not
to be Feared

Leverage fear as your greatest asset as you empower yourself to push past ordinary limits into the extreme.

Love without

Unleash the extraordinary power of the heart to achieve the unachievable in the workplace.


Be the change that is needed in the world, and others will be inspired to follow.

through Love

Channel Extreme Leadership to earn the love and loyalty of your employees and customers.


Keep your team passionately engaged in your mission and their work, no matter what challenges lie ahead.

Your message to our Leadership team was so eloquently delivered. I was left speechless. It wasn't just a speech — one way and directional — but rather a mantra to live and work by... It was tangible and practical and could be put to application immediately. In fact, we did so throughout the next day by creating action plans to implement that energy to create change in our culture. It was one of the best, if not the best, I have ever heard.
Steve's presentation exceeded my expectations. Our group consisted of leaders who have seen many presenters over the years because they have handled the technology during these events. Because of this, we can be quite cynical and I always hold my breath when we bring in a presenter. Steve was great! He researched the situation well and applied many of his lessons to our specific circumstance and situation. It was a pleasure to have him address our first new PSAV National Leadership Meeting.
Your message of Extreme Leadership was directly on-target and inspired the entire group. Your mix of humor and emotion, together with the relevance of the topic to our situation at General Mills, kept the audience captivated. Thanks again for a great day and a compelling message. We will all remember the key message that you delivered and its importance to our everyday life both at work and home. Do what you love in the service of people who love what you do.
—General Mills
Thank you for sharing your expertise with our audience and contributing to the huge success of our conference. Your presentation on Extreme Leadership Principles to Change the World inspired our audience.
It is very evident from the participants' comments that your message is timely and vital, and proves that it crossed the boundaries from business to the educational field. What you shared was not only from experience, but spoken from the heart. The credibility you bring to your presentations allows those in the field to build their craftsmanship and efficacy.
—Orange County Department of Education
Your presentation was "bang on," as the English say — extremely effective — and will be forever remembered by the members who were there. I have subsequently heard from several members who read your book on the way home and now aspire to use the LEAP process in their daily professional lives.
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Do What You Love in The Service of
People Who Love What You Do

Why Leaders Go to the Extreme with Steve

Steve Farber, one of Inc.’s Top 50 Global Leadership and Management Experts, is phenomenally multi-faceted. Holding esteemed titles of Leadership Pioneer, Leadership Keynote Speaker and Bestselling Author, he has focused his career on elevating others. With an eye for creating an organizational culture where everybody unearths their inner leader, he is a champion for accelerating business growth and success by leading with love.

Former Vice President of the Tom Peters Company, Steve followed his heart when he became the founder of The Extreme Leadership Institute, an organization devoted to the cultivation and development of Extreme Leaders around the world. His business knowledge, audacity and Extreme Leadership style, blend perfectly with his engaging and insightful personality, making him the #1 business speaker to watch.  

Steve’s reach isn’t just limited to his work as a corporate motivational speaker. He has also authored five books, including WSJ® and USA Today® bestseller Greater Than Yourself (2009) and The Radical Leap, which was hailed as one of the 100 best business books of all time. His most recent books Love is Just Damn Good Business, published by McGraw Hill in 2020, and Twisted Business: Lessons From My Life in Rock ’n’ Roll (2021) both deliver extraordinary plot twists on the ordinary. 

No matter where you are in your personal or professional journey toward shattering the status quo, Steve’s books are essential reads.

A Glimpse Into an Elevated Future for Your Organization

Win Team Buy-In to Level Up Your Organization

Steve Farber, hailed as one of the best leadership speakers in the world, delivers the ultimate playbook for success. He is devoted to gaining an understanding of an organization’s culture, customers and employees in order to deliver a winning presentation that speaks to each leader’s individual style and strengths. Audiences will be inspired by his custom motivational messages and walk away ready to leap into Extreme Leadership.

Extreme Leadership

Your Radical LEAP Forward at Work and Beyond

Steve introduces his unique and radical approach to change by encouraging leaders to take the LEAP — Love, Energy, Audacity and Proof. In this phenomenal speech, applauded by leaders around the world, he shows you how to use the LEAP framework to level up your organization and life.

Extreme Leadership From the C-Suite

Accelerate at Every Level to Drive Succes

Steve Farber engages his proven methodology and industry-spanning experience in order to help executives energize their enterprise by unearthing the leader in every employee. 

Love Is Just Damn Good Business

A Leader’s Guide To Building Strong Team Foundation In Any Organization

Steve Farber brings his book to life as he shows that lifting up others to surpass your own success is the ultimate way to elevate talent, accelerate productivity and build incredibly effective current and future leaders.

Greater Than Yourself

Elevate Others to Reach Your Full Potential

Through this interactive and engaging keynote session, Steve Farber shares why failing means you’re trying and how to build upon mistakes in order to reach pinnacles of success.

The Personal Side of Innovation

Energize Intention to Minimize Risk

Dive into your deeper purpose with Steve’s adventurous keynote speech, as he explains why releasing fear is the core of creativity. By breaking down the rewards borne out of risk and discovering why the only thing to fear is fear itself, Steve helps you channel fear as motivation to achieve your highest goals. You will walk away with increased capacity for risk and a newfound appreciation for fear as a tool to fuel success.

Radical Accountability

Make the LEAP from Ordinary to Extraordinary

Accountability is the key that Steve Farber uses to unlock an audacious level of leadership in this provocative keynote. By showing you how a successful business, a fulfilled personal life and a transformative legacy can exist in harmony, Steve reveals conventional methods of accountability and enables you to achieve any and every ambition you can imagine.


A leadership development speaker is a passionate storyteller who engages, relates to and inspires their audience.The best leadership speakers will leave the audience feeling motivated and empowered to effect positive change in both their personal and professional lives.

As a top leadership speaker, Steve Farber has earned the respect of business leaders around the world. He infuses every speech with his unique blend of passion, wit and wisdom, and he has inspired individuals from a wide array of backgrounds and industries to unlock their full potential.

His highly accessible, profoundly inspirational and eminently practical Radical LEAP (Love, Energy, Audacity, Proof) framework has been widely adopted across the business, non-profit and education spectrum. His work as a business motivational speaker has led to thousands of individuals redefining and re-energizing their leadership approach to positively transform their businesses, lives and the world around them. As a result, Steve is widely regarded as one of the most effective leaders in the world and his corporate motivational speeches are in high demand.

It is always a good time to hire a leadership motivational speaker. However, to maximize your impact, extend an invitation when you seek to transform your leadership style before chaos ensues, so that all team members are equipped to handle any challenges they face. When you bring in a top leadership speaker like Steve, you and your team will feel inspired and motivated, not only professionally, but personally as well.

A leadership speaker can have a profound impact on your organization, and when you engage Steve Farber as a business keynote speaker, your audience will feel connected on a deeper level. Many leaders who participate in Steve’s keynotes go on to continue the work by hiring Steve as their executive coach. These leaders elevate their leadership skills, transform their organization’s culture and grow their business.

The cost of a leadership development speaker varies based on factors such as experience, topics presented and the level of customization within their delivery method. The event’s location may also play a factor, as businesses are often asked to pay for the business keynote speaker’s travel and accommodations. No matter the cost, the return on your investment will be massive. 

With Steve as your leadership motivational speaker, your leaders are guaranteed to feel inspired and empowered to be bold and take risks. His engaging approach opens you up to the importance of expressing love in order to transform your organization’s leaders. This love is backed by practical advice and real-life tips that any leader can implement to elevate your performance and improve your organization’s culture.

Steve’s passion, supported by his experience as a renowned author and expert on the subject of leadership, enables people to reach their full potential. His profound understanding of what it takes to be a successful leader, blended with his innate ability to connect with his audience, draws his audience in. An investment in Steve is an investment in yourself, your employees and your organization.

Reserve Your Time with
Steve to Revolutionize
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The time to revolutionize your leadership is now, and Steve is the key to unlocking your extreme potential. Reach out to us today to embark on a profound journey toward elevated success for you, your team and your organization.